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Date Sermon Speaker
08/30/2015 Gospel Of The King: The King Loves To Connect With Outcasts II Pastor Jim
08/23/2015 Gospel Of The King: The King Loves To Connect With Outcasts Pastor Jim
08/16/2015 Gospel Of The King: The Privilege Of Encountering Jesus Pastor Jim
08/09/2015 Gospel Of The King: There Is No Substitute For Obedience Pastor Jim
08/02/2015 Gospel Of The King: A Shocking Surprise Pastor Jim
07/26/2015 Gospel Of The King: The False Teachers Lifestyle (Fruit) Pastor Jim
07/19/2015 Gospel Of The King: The False Prophets Teaching (Fruit) Pastor Jim
07/12/2015 Intimacy With God And Man Clarence Lee
07/05/2015 God, Jefferson & The Declaration Of Independence Dr Tom Hoyle
06/28/2015 Gospel Of The King: Appearances Are Deceiving Pastor Jim
06/21/2015 Fathers In Contrast Matt Maki
06/14/2015 Gospel Of The King: What Is Your Destination Pastor Jim
06/07/2015 Gospel Of The King: Power To Bless Pastor Jim
05/31/2015 Gospel Of The King: Do Not Judge And Do Judge Pastor Jim
05/24/2015 Gospel Of The King: What Motivates You Pastor Jim
05/17/2015 Gospel Of The King: Worry Is Misplaced Trust Pastor Jim
05/10/2015 Gospel Of The King: Do Mothers Worry? Pastor Jim
05/03/2015 N2Y: Not To Young Pastor Jon
04/26/2015 Gospel Of The King: Gotta Serve Somebody Pastor Jim
04/19/2015 Gospel Of The King: Seeking True Wealth Pastor Jim
04/12/2015 Forgiveness Changes You Pastor Jim
04/05/2015 He Is Alive Pastor Jim
03/29/2015 Gospel Of The King: Forgiveness Changes Everything Pastor Jim
03/22/2015 Gospel Of The King: The Model Prayer II Pastor Jim
03/15/2015 Gospel Of The King: The Model Prayer Pastor Jim
03/08/2015 Gospel Of The King: When Doing The Right Thing Is Wrong Pastor Jim
03/01/2015 Worship Matters Pastor Jay
02/22/2015 Gospel Of The King: Righteous Love Pastor Jim
02/15/2015 Gospel Of The King: Righteousness When Offended Pastor Jim
02/08/2015 Gospel Of The King: Righteous Communication Pastor Jim
02/01/2015 Gospel Of The King: Righteous Oneness Pastor Jim
01/25/2015 Gospel Of The King: Righteous Thoughts Pastor Jim
01/18/2015 Gospel Of The King: A Righteous Reconciliation Pastor Jim
01/11/2015 Gospel Of The King: A Righteous Anger Pastor Jim
01/04/2015 Gospel Of The King: Greater Righteousness Pastor Jim
12/28/2014 Gospel Of The King: We Are Hope Carriers Pastor Jon
12/21/2014 Gospel Of The King: The Righteousness Of The Kingdom II Pastor Jim
12/14/2014 Gospel Of The King: The Righteousness Of The Kingdom Pastor Jim
12/07/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King's Activities Pastor Jim
11/30/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King Builds A Team Pastor Jim
11/23/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King Lives Among The Gentiles Pastor Jim
11/16/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King Proves Himself Worthy Pastor Jim
11/09/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King Is Anointed Pastor Jim
11/02/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King Expects Fruit Pastor Jim
10/26/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King Is Announced Pastor Jim
10/19/2014 Gospel Of The King: Standing With The King Pastor Jon
10/12/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King Receives Royal Gifts Pastor Jim
10/05/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King's Heavenly Ancestry Pastor Jim
09/28/2014 Gospel Of The King: The King's Royal Line Pastor Jim
09/21/2014 Gospel Of The King: Welcome To The Gospwl Of Matthew Pastor Jim
09/14/2014 FAQs: What Happens When We Die Pastor Jay
09/07/2014 FAQs: Is Proverbs 22:6 A Guarantee Pastor Jim
08/31/2014 FAQs: Are All My Problems Caused By My Sins Pastor Jim
08/24/2014 FAQ's: How Can We Discern Messages Being From God Matt Maki
08/17/2014 Special Presentation Dr Tom Hoyle
08/10/2014 FAQs: Where Did Jesus Go After He Died Pastor Jim
08/04/2014 FAQs: If I Give Money To God, Will I Become Rich Pastor Jim
07/27/2014 FAQ's: How Can I Be The Church Today Pastor Jon
07/20/2014 FAQ's: Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation Pastor Meredith
07/13/2014 Who Are You? - Church In The Park Matt Dopson
07/06/2014 The Church: Who Cares - The Church & Politics Pastor Jim
06/29/2014 The Church: Who Cares - Breaking Unity Pastor Jim
06/22/2014 The Church: Who Cares - The Church Is A Flock Pastor Jim
06/15/2014 The Church: Who Cares - Pictures That Describe The Church Pastor Jim
06/08/2014 The Church: Who Cares - The Unity Of The Church Part 2 Pastor Jim
06/01/2014 The Church: Who Cares - The Unity Of The Church Pastor Jim
05/25/2014 The Church: Who Cares - What Is The Purpose Of The Church Pastor Jim
05/18/2014 The Church: Who Cares - What Makes A Church A Church Part II Pastor Jim
05/11/2014 The Church: Who Cares - What Makes A Church A Church Pastor Jim
05/04/2014 The Church: Who Cares - Coming To Church Backwards Pastor Jim
04/27/2014 The Church: Who Cares? Pastor Jim
04/20/2014 The Resurrection of Jesus Pastor Jim
04/13/2014 Tough Questions - Solid Answers: Is The Bible Sufficient Pastor Jim
04/06/2014 The Great Commission Is Good News Ian Smith
03/30/2014 Tough Questions - Solid Answers: Isn't The Bible Too Hard To Understand Pastor Jim
03/23/2014 Tough Questions - Solid Answers: What Is Sola Scriptura Pastor Jim
03/16/2014 Tough Questions - Solid Answers:What About The Other Books Left Out Of The Bible Pastor Jim
03/09/2014 Tough Questions - Solid Answers: Biblical Prophecy Pastor Jim
03/02/2014 Tough Questions - Solid Answers: Doesn't Archaeology Disprove The Bible Pastor Jim
02/23/2014 What's In Your Bag? Pastor Jay
02/16/2014 Tough Questions - Solid Answers: Are There Copyist Errors In The Bible Pastor Jim
02/09/2014 Tough Questions - Solid Answers: Who Wrote The Bible (Isaiah 40:8) Pastor Jim
02/02/2014 Jonah Is Me - The Lord Is Not Manipulated (Matt 12:38-41) Pastor Jim
01/26/2014 Jonah Is Me - The Tender Love Of God (Jonah 4:5-11) Pastor Jim
01/19/2014 Jonah Is Me - The Inexplicable Patience Of God (Jonah 3:9-4:5) Pastor Jim
01/12/2014 Jonah Is Me -The Exceeding Mercy Of God (Jonah 3:1-10) Pastor Jim
01/05/2014 Jonah Is Me - God Gives Another Chance (Jonah 3:1-10) Pastor Jim
12/29/2013 Mountain Top Experience Pastor Jon
12/22/2013 Christmas Essentials - Jesus Is The Only Way Of Salvation Pastor Jim
12/15/2013 Christmas Essentials - Jesus Is God (John 1:1-5; 14) Pastor Jim
12/09/2013 Christmas Essentials - Jesus Was Born of a Virgin Pastor Jim
12/01/2013 The Four Critical Questions Matt Maki
11/27/2013 Jonah Is Me - Conversations With God (Jonah 2:1-10) Pastor Jim
11/17/2013 Jonah Is Me - Jonah Gets What He Pursued (Jonah 1:17;2:1-10) Pastor Jim
11/10/2013 Rise - Take Life To Another Level Matt Wimmer
11/03/2013 Jonah Is Me - Understanding God's Activity (Jonah 1:1-17) Pastor Jim
10/27/2013 Jonah Is Me - Avoiding A Hard Heart (Jonah 1:1-13) Pastor Jim
10/20/2013 The God Who Cares (Ex 34:1-9) Daniel Station
10/13/2013 The Coming - Heaven Is The Christians Home (Rev 21:1-8) Pastor Jim
10/06/2013 The Coming - The Great White Throne (Rev 20:4-6&10-15) Pastor Jim
09/29/2013 The Coming - The Amazing Millennium (Rev 20:1-10) Pastor Jim
09/22/2013 The Coming - The Millennium (Rev 20:1-6) Pastor Jim
09/15/2013 The Coming - The Highpoint of Revelation (Rev 19:11-21) Pastor Jim
09/08/2013 The Coming - Time To Party (Rev 19:1-10) Pastor Jim
09/01/2013 The Coming - Knowing God's Opinion Takes Determined Effort (Rev 18:20-24) Pastor Jim
08/25/2013 The Coming - Desiring The Right Things (Rev 18:14-19) Pastor Jim
08/18/2013 God;s Providence Throughout American History Dr Tom Hoyle
08/11/2013 The Coming - Where Do You Find Ultimate Meaning (Rev 18:1-10) Pastor Jim
08/04/2013 The Coming - Can We Afford To Stay Where We Are (Rev 18:1-4) Pastor Jim
07/28/2013 The Coming - End Times Events Are Not Random (Rev 17:9-17) Pastor Jim
07/21/2013 The Coming - The Destruction Of The Harlot (Rev 17) Pastor Jim
07/14/2013 Church In The Park message Clarence Lee - The Power Team
07/07/2013 The Coming - The Powerful Attraction Of The Harlot (Rev 17:1-6) Pastor Jim
06/30/2013 MythBusters - Debunking The Entitlement Myth (Matt 20:1-16) Pastor Jay
06/23/2013 My Relationship With God (Psalms 33:6-11) Pastor Meredith
06/16/2013 The Coming - Satan's One World Religion (Rev 17:1-6) Pastor Jim
06/09/2013 The Coming - The Hammer Comes Down (Rev 16:1-21) Pastor Jim
06/02/2013 The Coming - Can A Person Have Assurance Of Their Salvation Pastor Jim
05/26/2013 The Coming - Can A True Christian Lose Their Salvation (Rev 14:12-13) Pastor Jim
05/19/2013 The Coming - Time Is Running Out (Rev 14:6-11) Pastor Jim
05/12/2013 The Coming - Finish Strong (Rev 14:1-5) Pastor Jim
05/05/2013 The Coming - The False Prophet (Rev 13:11-18) Pastor Jim
04/28/2013 The Coming - Satan's Counterfeit Christ (Rev 13:1-12) Pastor Jim
04/21/2013 The Coming - God's Enemy Is Your Enemy (Rev 12:1-13) Pastor Jim
04/14/2013 To Know Christ And Make Him Known - The Answer To Your Whys (Acts 17:22-31) Pastor Jay
04/07/2013 The Coming - Encouragement To Persecuted Christians (Rev 11:15-19) Pastor Jim
03/31/2013 If Jesus Did Not Rise, Then Christianity Is A Scam Pastor Jim
03/24/2013 The Coming - The Tribulation Will Be Full Of The Supernatural (Rev 11:3-13) Pastor Jim
03/17/2013 The Coming - You Are What You Eat (Rev 10:1-11) Pastor Jim
03/10/2013 The Coming - Life Without Meaning (Rev 9:13-21) Pastor Jim
03/03/2013 How To Unleash The Power Of God (2Sam 5:17-25) Pastor Jon
02/24/2013 The Coming - A Nightmare Unleashed (Rev 9:1-12) Pastor Jim
02/17/2013 The Coming - The Earth Takes A Hit (Rev 8:1-13) Pastor Jim
02/10/2013 The Coming - Grace Comes Before Judgment (Rev 7:1-8) Pastor Jim
02/03/2013 The Coming - Daniels Amazing Prophecy (Dan 9:24-27) Pastor Jim
01/27/2013 The Coming - It Begins (Rev 6:1-11) Pastor Jim
01/20/2013 The Coming - Pursuing Jesus Wholeheartedly (Rev 3:14-22) Pastor Jim
01/13/2013 The Coming - Being Used By The Lord (Rev 3-7-13) Pastor Jim
01/06/2013 The Coming - Making It Count (Rev 3:1-6) Pastor Jim
12/30/2012 The Coming - Loving Enough To Confront (Rev 2:18-25) Pastor Jim
12/24/2012 Jesus is Emmanuel - Christmas Eve '12 Jim Tiefenthaler
12/23/2012 The Coming - Worship Requires Everything From Everyone (Rev 5:8-14) Pastor Jim
12/16/2012 The Coming - Worshipping The One Who Saved Us (Rev 5:1-10) Pastor Jim
12/09/2012 The Coming-Worship: it's what's happening in heaven (rev4:1-11) Pastor Jim
12/02/2012 The Coming - avoiding compromise (Rev 2:12-17) Pastor Jim
11/25/2012 The Coming - remaining faithful (Rev 2:8-11) Pastor Jim
11/18/2012 The Coming - getting back to love (Rev 2:1-7) Pastor Jim
11/11/2012 The Coming - It Is Certain Pastor Jim
11/04/2012 The Coming-He Is Intimidating (Rev 1:17-20) Pastor Jim
10/28/2012 The Coming-It's To His Glory (Rev1:9-17a,20) Pastor Jim
10/21/2012 The Blessings Of The New Covenant (Jer 31:31-34) Daniel Staton
10/14/2012 The Coming - Its's All About Jesus (Rev 1:1-9) Pastor Jim
10/07/2012 The Coming (Matt 24:27) Pastor Jim
09/30/2012 God's Grace For Our Family-especially for serving in the local church Pastor Jay
09/23/2012 God's Grace For Our Family-especially in building a relationship with my spouse Pastor Jim
09/16/2012 God's Grace For Our Family-especially when we are alone Pastor Jim
09/09/2012 God's Grace for Our Families. . . especially when we have been wronged. Pastor Jim
09/02/2012 God's Grace For Our Family-especially when dealing with pornography #2 (Prov7) Pastor Jim
08/26/2012 God's Grace For Our Family-especially when dealing with pornography (1 Cor 6:20) Pastor Jim
08/19/2012 Ten Excellent Reasons To Believe In God Dr Tom Hoyle
08/12/2012 God's Grace For Our Family-especially when aging (Eccl 12:1-8&13-14) Pastor Jim
08/05/2012 God's Grace For Our Family-especially when we lose a loved one Pastor Jim
07/30/2012 God's Grace for Families. . . Especially for parenting rebels Pastor Jim
07/22/2012 God's Grace For Our Family-especially for parenting Pastor Jim
07/15/2012 God's Ready - Are You? Jamie Morrison - The Power Team
07/08/2012 God's Grace For Our Family. . . especially for sexual purity Pastor Jim
07/01/2012 Whose Family? Matt Maki
06/24/2012 God's Grace For Our Family -especially our marriage Pastor Jim
06/17/2012 God's Grace For Our Family (Phil 4:23) Pastor Jim
06/13/2012 The Close Bond We Have In Christ Pastor Jim
06/03/2012 A Contented Person Focuses On Others (Phil 4:14-19) Pastor Jim
05/27/2012 A Contented Person Is A Steward (Phil 4) Pastor Jim
05/20/2012 One Life (John 9) Pastor Jon
05/13/2012 A Contented Person Has Power (Phil 4:10-13) Pastor Jim
05/06/2012 An Epidemic Disease (Phil 4:10-13) Pastor Jim
04/29/2012 Can Money Buy Contentment (Phil 4:10-19) Pastor Jim
04/22/2012 Stand Firm In Discipline (Phil 4:8-9) Pastor Jim
04/15/2012 Seeing The Resurrected Jesus (Luke 24:13-35) Pastor Jay
04/08/2012 Who Is This Guy Who Predicts His Death and Resurrection (Mtt 28:6) Pastor Jim
04/01/2012 Standing Firm In Prayer (Phil 4:1,5-7) Pastor Jim
03/25/2012 Stand Firm (Phil 4:1-5) Pastor Jim
03/18/2012 Let's Stick Together (Phil 4:1-3) Pastor Jim
03/11/2012 Watching For Christ's Return (Phil 3:18-21) Pastor Jim
03/04/2012 Following The Right Example (Phil 3:17-19) Pastor Jim
02/26/2012 Accepting The Challenge (Phil 3:10-16) Pastor Jim
02/19/2012 Every Day Is A Fresh Start (Phil 3:10-14) Pastor Jim
02/12/2012 Where Is The Evidence (Matt 5:13-16) Pastor Meredith
02/05/2012 Knowing Christ (Phil 3:8-11) Pastor Jim
01/29/2012 The Doctrine Of Justification (Phil 3:9) Pastor Jim
01/22/2012 Paul's Story (Phil 3:4-9) Pastor Jim
01/15/2012 A Call For The Endurance Of The Saints (Heb 12:1-3 ESV) Tait Purviance
01/08/2012 God Is Correct, But He's Not Politically Correct (Phil 3:1-3) Pastor Jim
01/01/2012 Christmas Isn't Always Merry-Christmas Mean Waiting (Luke2:25-35) Pastor Jim
12/25/2011 Christmas Isn't Always Merry-Christmas Can Be Inconvenient (Matt2:1-12;16) Pastor Jim
12/24/2011 Christmas Isn't Always Merry-Christmas Can Be Artificial Pastor Jim
12/18/2011 In Jesus's Time Matt Maki
12/11/2011 Christmas Can Be Lonely (Lk 2:36-38: Anna) Pastor Jim
12/04/2011 Epaphroditus: A Behind The Scenes Hero (Phil 2:25-30) Pastor Jim
11/27/2011 Timothy: One Who Honors God (Phil 2:19-24) Pastor Jim
11/20/2011 The Joy Of Serving With Sacrifice (Phil 2:16-18) Pastor Jim
11/13/2011 Let Your Light Shine (Phil 2:14-16) Pastor Jim
11/06/2011 Not Here! Not Now! Not Ever! (Phil 2:14-16) Pastor Jim
10/30/2011 The Ultimate Triumph Over Evil And Suffering Pastor Jim
10/23/2011 God Does Bring Good Out Of Evil (Gen 37-50) Pastor Jim
10/16/2011 God's Sovereignty Includes Evil Pastor Jim
10/09/2011 God's Sovereignty Is A Good Reason To Trust Him Pastor Jim
10/02/2011 God Is Sovereign (Phil 2:12-15) Pastor Jim
09/25/2011 God"s Love Is To Be Our Love (1John 4:7-12) Pastor Jay
09/18/2011 Memorials, Milestones, and Monuments To God's Faithfulness Pastor Jon
09/11/2011 Will You Be Deceived? (1John 2:18-28) Pastor Jay
09/04/2011 True Repentance - True Forgiveness Pastor Meredith
08/28/2011 Our Dependence On God's Grace Matt Maki
08/21/2011 Dinosaurs And The Bible Dr Tom Hoyle
08/15/2011 Spiritual Growth and The Battle Over Worldliness Pastor Jay
08/07/2011 Do You Have The Remedy? Pastor Jay
07/31/2011 Are You Walking In The Light (1John 1:6-10) Pastor Jay
07/24/2011 What About The Change? (1John 1:1-7) Pastor Jay
07/17/2011 Don't Tuck Away Your Talents Matt Dopson - The Power Team
07/10/2011 From Lowliness to Greatness Pastor Jon
07/03/2011 In The End, God Wins! (Esther 6:13) Matt Maki
06/26/2011 Give It Everything You Have Pastor Jim
06/19/2011 A Glimpse At The Future (Phil 2:5-11) Pastor Jim
06/12/2011 How's Your Heart Pastor Jay
06/05/2011 The Model of Humility (Phil. 2:3-8) Pastor Jim
05/29/2011 Know Humility Know Unity (Phil. 2:1-4) Pastor Jim
05/22/2011 Obedience Pastor Jon
05/15/2011 Live The Life (Phil 1:27-30) Pastor Jim
05/08/2011 Paul Is In A Win-Win Situation Pastor Jim
05/01/2011 Making Christ Look Good Today Pastor Jim
04/24/2011 Christ's Resurrection And Yours Pastor Jim
04/17/2011 Detractors (Phil 1:15-18) Pastor Jim
04/10/2011 Is Paul Judgmental (Phil 1:14-18) Pastor Jim
04/03/2011 The Advancement Of The Gospel Pastor Jim
03/27/2011 Love Discriminates Pt. 2 (Phil 1:7-11) Pastor Jim
03/20/2011 Love Discriminates (Phil 1:7-11) Pastor Jim
03/13/2011 God Is Working (Phil 1:3-6) Pastor Jim
03/06/2011 The Judgment Seat Of Christ Pastor Jim
02/27/2011 The Day Of Christ (Phil 1:6-10) Pastor Jim
02/20/2011 God's Timing Is Everything (Esther 2:21- Matt Maki
02/13/2011 Paul's Tender Greeting To The Church Pastor Jim
02/06/2011 Joy In Spreading The Gospel (Phil 1:1-5) Pastor Jim
01/30/2011 A Kickoff To Philippians Pastor Jim
01/23/2011 Water Baptism For Today Pastor Jim
01/16/2011 Financial Stewardship Pastor Jim
01/09/2011 The Primacy Of The Gospel Guest Speaker
01/02/2011 Jesus: A Clear and Complete View of God Pastor Jim
12/26/2010 Christians Have A Special Assignment Pastor Jim
12/19/2010 God Among Us Pastor Jim
12/12/2010 God Came To Earth Pastor Jim
12/05/2010 The Miracle of the Virgin Birth Pastor Jay
11/28/2010 A Grateful Heart Pastor Jim
11/21/2010 A Generous Heart Dave Erickson
11/14/2010 A Connected Heart Pastor Jim
11/07/2010 A Forgiven Heart Pastor Jim
10/31/2010 The Renwed Heart Pastor Jim
10/24/2010 God's Will For Your Life Pastor Jay
10/17/2010 Closing Comments In Hebrews Pastor Jim
10/10/2010 Prayer: Connecting With God Pastor Jim
10/03/2010 Leadership In The Church II Pastor Jim
09/26/2010 Leadership In The Church Pastor Jim
09/19/2010 The "S" Word Pastor Jim
09/12/2010 Worship Includes Actions Pastor Jim
09/05/2010 A Worship Killer: Grumbling Pastor Jim
08/29/2010 Worship Under The New Covenant Pastor Jim
08/22/2010 The Faith Of Our Founding Fathers Tom Hoyle
08/15/2010 There Is A Cost Pastor Jim
08/08/2010 God's Powerful Grace 2 Pastor Jim
08/01/2010 God's Powerful Grace Pastor Jim
07/18/2010 Are You Available for Jesus? Matt Dopson
07/11/2010 Is The Church's Septic Backing Up? Pastor Jim
07/04/2010 Everything Changes Except God Pastor Jim
06/27/2010 Examples To The Flock Pastor Jim
06/20/2010 5 Bible Dads And How They Did It Pastor Jay
06/13/2010 Where Is Your Confidence? Pastor Jim
06/06/2010 Living Free Pastor Jim
05/30/2010 Myths Of Marriage Pastor Jim
05/23/2010 Following God's Word In Choosing A Mate Pastor Jim
05/16/2010 Anyone For Hands-off Parenting Pastor Jim
05/09/2010 Mothers Day Is Not Always Happy Pastor Jim
05/02/2010 The Real Inconvenient Truth Matt Maki
04/25/2010 A Sensitive Marriage Issue Pastor Jim
04/18/2010 What Is Your Marriage Worth Pastor Jim
04/11/2010 Run To Win Pastor Jon
04/04/2010 Another Changed Life - Joseph of Arimathea Pastor Jim
03/28/2010 What A Week Pastor Jim
03/21/2010 Concern For The Spiritual Family Pastor Jim
03/14/2010 Will You Be Shaken? Pastor Jim
03/07/2010 Esau: Procrastination Can Be Permanent Pastor Jim
02/28/2010 Some History On Esau Pastor Jim
02/21/2010 Living With No Regrets Pastor Jay
02/14/2010 The Cure For Bitterness Pastor Jim
02/07/2010 The Cancer Of Bitterness Pastor Jim
01/31/2010 Giving Others A Glimpse Of Jesus Pastor Jim
01/24/2010 The Discipline Of The Lord Part 2 Pastor Jim
01/17/2010 The Discipline Of The Lord Pastor Jim
01/10/2010 Run Baby Run Pastor Jim
12/27/2009 Christmas Means Reconciliation Pastor Jim
12/20/2009 Christmas Means Salvation Pastor Jim
12/13/2009 Christmas Means Celebration Pastor Jim
12/06/2009 The Great Flood Matt Maki
11/29/2009 Heaven's Heroes Pastor Jim
11/22/2009 Faith Guarantees Victory Pastor Jim
11/15/2009 The Mark Of Faith Is Courage Pastor Jim
11/08/2009 Faith Is Dependence Pastor Jim
11/01/2009 Faith Sees God As God Pastor Jim
10/25/2009 Choosing By Faith Pastor Jim
10/18/2009 Faith Holds All Things Loosely Pastor Jim
10/11/2009 Faith Looks Towards Home Pastor Jim
10/04/2009 Abraham - The Father of Faith Pastory Jay
09/27/2009 Noah Worked In Faith Pastor Jim
09/20/2009 Enoch Walked In Faith Pastor Jim
09/13/2009 Able Worshiped In Faith Pastor Jim
09/06/2009 Faith is Real Sight Pastor Jim
08/30/2009 A Difficult Warning Pastor Jim
08/23/2009 7 More Reasons To Believe The Bible Tom Hoyle
08/16/2009 God's Anger Pastor Jim
08/09/2009 The Christian Life Is Meant To Be Shared Pastor Jim
08/02/2009 God Wants You To Come Closer Pastor Jim
07/26/2009 A Review Pastor Jim
07/12/2009 The Messiah Had To Die Pastor Jim
07/05/2009 Full Access Pastor Jim
06/28/2009 The New Covenant Is Here Pastor Jim
06/21/2009 A Portrait Of The Father Pastor Jay
06/14/2009 You Who Tremble At His Word Matt Maki
06/07/2009 The New Covenant Pastor Jim
05/31/2009 In With The New Pastor Jim
05/24/2009 Out With The Old Pastor Jim
05/17/2009 The Priestly Order Of Melchizedek Pastor Jim
05/10/2009 Melchizedek Is A Type Of Jesus Christ Pastor Jim
05/03/2009 God's Unchangeable Promises Pastor Jim
04/26/2009 Salvation Includes Service Pastor Jim
04/19/2009 CSI: Jerusalem Pastor Jay
04/12/2009 Five Things You Must Understand Pastor Jim
04/05/2009 Communion is Deadly Serious Pastor Jim
03/29/2009 The Keeping Power of God Pastor Jim
03/22/2009 A Point Of No Return Pastor Jim
03/15/2009 There's No Standing Still Pastor Jim
03/08/2009 A Challenge To Grow Pastor Jim
03/01/2009 Our High Priest Is A Definite Upgrade Pastor Jim
02/22/2009 He Knows What We Are Going Through Pastor Jim
02/15/2009 The Word Of God And Emotional Pain Pastor Jim
02/08/2009 Rest For Today Pastor Jim
02/01/2009 Repentance Brings Us Into Communion With God Pastor Jim
01/25/2009 The Sin Of Unbelief Pastor Jim
01/18/2009 The Worthiness of Christ Pastor Jim
01/04/2009 He Is Able Pastor Jim
12/28/2008 The Perfect Savior Pastor Jim
12/21/2008 There's No Place Like His Home Pastor Jim
12/14/2008 He Left His Home To Give Us A Home Pastor Jim
12/07/2008 Man Kind Was Made To Rule Pastor Jim
11/30/2008 A Warning From God Pastor Jim
11/23/2008 Christ Is Superior To Angels Pastor Jim
11/16/2008 Christ's Counsel is Superior To The Worlds Con-Sell Matt Maki
11/09/2008 God's Passion: People of Peace Pastor Jim
11/02/2008 The Majesty of the King Pastor Jim
10/26/2008 Understanding Hebrews: Part 2 Pastor Jim
10/19/2008 Understanding Hebrews: Part 1 Pastor Jim
10/12/2008 Great News Pastor Jim
10/05/2008 Seeking Forgiveness Pastor Jim
09/28/2008 To Light A Fire Steve Welling
09/21/2008 Unforgiveness Breaks Our Fellowship With God Pastor Jim
09/14/2008 The Foundation For Forgiveness Pastor Jim
09/07/2008 More Than A Song Pastor Jay
08/31/2008 Religious Peril or Spiritual Opportunities Tom Jones
08/24/2008 Where Is The Lord?, The God Of Elijah? Matt Maki
08/17/2008 Seven Reason To Believe In The Bible Tom Hoyle
08/03/2008 The Wonderful Cross Pastor Jim
07/27/2008 No Warm Fuzzy Ending To Galatians Pastor Jim
07/20/2008 Don't Quit Pastor Jim
07/13/2008 The Law Of Sowing and Reaping Pastor Jim
07/06/2008 A Day Of Reckoning Pastor Jim
06/29/2008 A Surprising Warning Pastor Jim
06/22/2008 A Genuine Concern For One Another Pastor Jim
06/15/2008 The Spirit Produces Fruit Pastor Jim
06/08/2008 Staying Away From Flesh Pastor Jim
06/01/2008 Walk In The Spirit Pastor Jim
05/25/2008 Freedom Brings Wonderful Slavery Pastor Jim
05/18/2008 False Doctrine Is Serious Pastor Jim
05/11/2008 God Does Not Need Help Pastor Jim
05/04/2008 Christ Formed You Pastor Jim
04/27/2008 Don't Go Back To Childhood Pastor Jim
04/20/2008 The Power of Real Freedom In Your Life Pastor Jim
04/13/2008 The Power of God's Unconditional Commitment to You Pastor Jim
04/06/2008 The Power of Putting Your Faith In The Right Place Pastor Jim
03/30/2008 Unlimited Power Available To You Pastor Jim
03/23/2008 The Amazing Facts About The Resurrection Pastor Jim
03/16/2008 Dead & Alive Pastor Jim
03/09/2008 Church That Counts Joe Miller
03/02/2008 A Classic Statement About Justification Pastor Jim
02/24/2008 Keeping In Step With The Gospel Pastor Jim
02/17/2008 Is Paul's Gospel Better From Peters? Pastor Jim
02/10/2008 The Gospel of Jesus Christ Pastor Jay
02/03/2008 Paul's Story Pastor Jim
01/27/2008 The Only Road Pastor Jim
01/20/2008 Paul Confronts A Crisis Pastor Jim
01/13/2008 Introduction To Galatians Pastor Jim
01/06/2008 Hope For Today, Tomorrow and Forever Pastor Jay
12/30/2007 Hope Surpassed Pastor Jim
12/23/2007 The "Whoever" Policy Pastor Jim
12/16/2007 Great Home In A Great Love Pastor Jim
12/09/2007 The Hope Behind 3:16 Pastor Jim
12/02/2007 Our Church: A Dwelling Place Pastor Jim
11/25/2007 The Welcoming Father Pastor Jim
11/18/2007 Church Discipline Is God's Gift To The Church Pastor Jim
11/11/2007 If The Shoe Fits - Responding Properly To Criticism Pastor Jim
11/04/2007 Silence Is Not Always Golden Pastor Jim
10/28/2007 Finding More Peace Through Less Blame Pastor Jim
10/21/2007 The Powerful Witness Of Unity Pastor Jim
10/14/2007 Real Peace Pastor Jim
10/07/2007 Getting Serious With God Pastor Jim
09/30/2007 The God Who Knows Pastor Jay
09/23/2007 Jesus Is Sovereign Over All David Witt
09/16/2007 What Does It Feel Like To Be God? Pastor Jim
09/09/2007 You Are A Message Pastor Jim
09/02/2007 What Did You Say? Pastor Jim
08/26/2007 Hosea's Postmodern Culture Pastor Jim
08/19/2007 Divine Design Tom Hoyle
08/12/2007 The Climax To The Book Of Jonah Pastor Jim
08/05/2007 The Sign Of Jonah Pastor Jim
07/29/2007 The Greatest Revival Meets The Worst Attitude Pastor Jim
07/22/2007 God Of Second Chances Pastor Jim
07/15/2007 Jonah's Law: What Can Go Wrong... Pastor Jim
07/08/2007 Recognizing God At Work Pastor Jim
07/01/2007 Jonah: The Prophet With A Hard Heart Pastor Jim
06/24/2007 Living A Life Of Purpose Pastor Jay
06/17/2007 Jesus Is Coming Back, Are You Ready? Bill Martin
06/03/2007 Covetousness - The Tenth Commandment Matt Maki
05/27/2007 Seeing With The Eyes of Jesus Jonathan Swift
05/20/2007 Liar, Liar Pants on Fire - The Ninth Commandment Pastor Jim
05/13/2007 Some Encouraging Truths for Moms Pastor Jim
05/06/2007 Don't Steal It's A Bad Deal - The Eighth Commandment Pastor Jay
04/29/2007 Secret #3, Only One Thing Can Destroy Your Marriage Pastor Jim
04/22/2007 Secrets To A Successful Marriage. Secret 2 - Unpacking Some Dirty Lies Pastor Jim
04/15/2007 Secrets To A Successful Marriage. Secret 1 - You Are Incompatible Pastor Jim
04/08/2007 Beyond The Grave Pastor Jim
04/01/2007 Life Is Sacred (Part II) The Sixth Commandment Pastor Jim
03/25/2007 Life Is Sacred. The Sixth Commandment Pastor Jim
03/18/2007 Obedience Maintains Protection The Fifth Commandement Pastor Jim
03/11/2007 The Sabbath Is An Extension of Godís Glory The Fourth Commandment Pastor Jim
03/04/2007 # ! @ * $ The Third Commandment Pastor Jim
02/25/2007 The Consequences of Violating the Second Commandment Pastor Jim
02/18/2007 Don't Get Side-tracked: The Second Commandment Pastor Jim
02/11/2007 The Gateway To Blessing: The 1st Commandment Pastor Jim
02/04/2007 Is Grace Only A New Testament Theme? Pastor Jim
01/28/2007 Introduction To The Ten Commandments Pastor Jim
01/21/2007 Following Christ And Being Faithful To Him Where Ever You Are Mikel Del Rosario
01/14/2007 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Joe Miller
01/07/2007 More Thoughts For 2007 Pastor Jim
12/31/2006 Some Thoughts About 2007 Pastor Jim
12/24/2006 It's A Wonderful Life Because A Savior Has Been Born Pastor Jim
12/17/2006 If It's A Wonderful Life... Why Is The World Such A Mess? Pastor Jim
12/10/2006 If It's A Wonderful Life... Why Is My Life A Mess? Pastor Jim
12/03/2006 If It's A Wonderful Life... Why Am I Not Happy? Pastor Jim
11/26/2006 Reflecting God's Character Pastor Jim